1. Cancellation of Subscription

All our customers are eligible for a refund upon cancellation of subscription. The amount refunded will be for the remaining days of the subscription only and not a full refund. 

If you decided to cancel your subscription, kindly send us an email request on [email protected]. Cancellation notice should be sent within at least one week from the expiry date of your subscription. 

Once we receive your request, we will proceed directly in stopping your meals delivery, and the refunded amount will be sent to your Bank Account or the same way you processed the payment within 14 working days.

All extra charges to be carried out by the customer.

2. Return of Deposit

Upon your 1st order, we charge you an extra refundable 100 AED for the Cooler Bags deposit. Upon the end of your subscription, if all cooler bags were returned on time and in a good condition. Once requested, we will proceed with refunding the 100 AED paid as deposit at the beginning of your subscription.

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