About Healthylicious

Healthylicious specializes in preparing meal plans that satisfy your need for Healthy and delicious food that compliments your daily lifestyle.

Our meals are put together from premium and fresh ingredients picked out on the daily, monitored by a professional dietician, prepared by a professional chef, delivered to the time and place of your preference. We pride ourselves on the variety and quality of  Mediterranean and International cuisine we offer that is fulfilling and flavorsome.

Many of us, given the fast-paced environment we live in, cannot find the time to prepare a meal that is comforting and feels like home; if this you and you are Looking for a mouth- watering, Healthy meal and or to  lose weight, maintain your weight, gain muscles or you are simply a vegetarian ; We’re here for you!

Our Dietitian

“I will never ask my clients to count calories, points or grams of fat; but rather support and develop a healthy relationship with food. It is a new lifestyle. There are no diets, no magic pills or potions, just regular food and solutions for optimal health.”

Meet Cynthia Bou Khalil, our amazing dietitian and one of the founders of Healthylicious. She is a holder of a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition at McGill University in Montreal.

Cynthia has more than fifteen years of experience in Canada and the Middle east while also teaching at prestigious universities like USEK, NDU and University of Sharjah. Additionaly she has stepped into the public eye to host a weekly radio show about nutrition for two years. She was also featured on many well-known TV channels like Dubai TV, MBC, Fatafeat and Sky news, to talk about health in the MENA region, a topic she is strongly passionate about.

Cynthia is an expert who can support  people with different conditions and goals such as weight loss or gain, muscle gain, diabetic and metabolic syndrome. No matter your situation  she can customize a plan and provide food and nutrition information to support and improve your health.

In her professional opinion, most people do not have a problem going on a diet but struggle to be consistent. Her approach is to guide and teach her clients how to eat healthy in scientifically proven ways to prevent disease and improve their health and relationship with food instead of restricting specific food groups or giving them fad diets.

For years, Cynthia worked with clients who wanted a meal plan because they had a goal to reach or wanted to eat flavoursome and nutritious meals but did not have time to cook.  After years of suggesting companies that cater meal plans, she realized that these meals are not satisfying her client’s needs when it comes to quality and taste. This is when she decided to put all her expertise and experience into a business that caters not only meal plans for the sole purpose of reaching a fitness goal , but also that offers the experience of having a nutritious, healthy and delicious meal.

dietician cynthia bou khalil

Our Kitchen

All our meals are processed and prepared in a 750 squared meters cloud kitchen that implements the highest standards of Hygiene, and is equipped with the newest technology and utensils in order to deliver premium quality of food and service.

 Our kitchen is ISO 2200 & HACCP certified, divided into 7 sections: Vegetables, Cheese, Meat that includes Chicken and Fish, Bakery and Pastry, Hot, Production and Dispatching. To avoid cross contamination each section is equipped with its own chiller and freezer

On daily basis, our quality assurance team inspects the kitchen to make sure it is clean, that the staff is well groomed and that the products are of standard quality .At all times the kitchen is at a temperature that varies between 18 to 20 degrees, in case it needs to be cooled ammonia chilled is used instead of Air-conditioning.

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